EIE Ground Technologies is an internationally recognized player in areas such as Astronomy, Astrophysics, Big science, Civil Infrastructures and large scientific technological facilities. The company, a subsidiary of EIE GROUP, operates globally since 1989 and can easily be referenced worldwide for its expertise in leading and managing complex engineering projects, delivering complete turn-key systems and mechanism-structure subsystems for Domes and Main Structures.
EIE Ground Technologies provides scientists, engineers and managers with best-in-class facilities management programs, through specific engineering, commercial and financially strategic analyses, including risk analyses, activity planning and system configuration controls.

EIE Ground Technologies develops comprehensive engineering designs for both Domes and Main Structures, up to test performance and factory acceptance trials, on-site assembly, erection and commissioning assistance.
These are only some of the services for ground-based instruments EIE Ground Technologies can develop in-house for its clients.
• Concept, Feasibility and Consulting Studies
• Detail Design and Workshop Drawing
• Bidding technical documents, verification and tests ones
• Simulation analyses and calculation tests:
• FEM Modeling,
• Static & Dynamic Analyses,
• Seismic Analyses,
• 3D Modeling & 2D Drawing
• System and Servo-System Analyses,
• CFD Analyses,
• Wind Tunnel tests,
• System Engineering,
• RAMS Analyses,
• Thermal Analyses,
• FMECA Analyses,
• Maintenance Manuals,
• Prototyping,
• Optimization of complex systems,
• Optical Design

EIE Ground Technologies for Astronomy & Astrophysics
EIE Ground Technologies is very active in Dome and Telescope engineering. In this sense it is worth to mention quite a few high profile Dome and Telescope projects we developed, from the NTT – New Technology Telescope, to the TNG – Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, to the four VLTs – Very Large Telescopes, to the binocular 8m class LBT - Large Binocular Telescope, to the present Turkish DAG project; the American LSST – Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and MRO – Magdalena Ridge Observatory, now both under design and pre-construction phases.
Recently, we’ve been awarded the contract for the design and construction of both Dome and MS of the world’s biggest eye on the Universe, the E-ELT – European Extremely Large Telescope- class 39m optical telescope.
EIE Ground Technologies has developed a solid know how in the field of Radio-Astronomy. The ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) Radio telescope is, as of today, the most revolutionary astronomical radio-telescope observatory in the world.
The advanced technology design of the ALMA Radio-antennas allows the dishes to work together as a single, powerful telescope: a radio-interferometer.
One of the main innovations introduced by EIE Ground Technologies, was the use of carbon fiber (CFRP), for its lightness and stiffness properties
At present, our company has an extensive portfolio of challenging assignments, to mention a few the newborn ASTRI telescope, which is a prototype for the Cherenkov telescope array.

EIE Ground Technologies for Ground Segment
Our solid know how and experience in the design and realization of scientific grade instruments for Astronomy and Astrophysics allow us to propose our competences to the Aerospace Field for managing complex and demanding systems related to the Ground Segment: telescopes and radar antennas for Space Situational Awareness, Optical and Radio Deep Space Networking. The 14 m wide radar antenna Normandie developed for the French Navy and used on board to perform telemetry & tracking of launch systems is an example of the versatility, skills and competences of our engineering staff applied to this field.