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European Industrial Engineering srl
Via Torino 151a 30172 Mestre – Venezia
Rapresented by
Eng. Ginapietro Marchiori, President & CEO

Social Capital euro 52.000,00
Venice Tribunal Inscr. N.34110
CCIAA VE 216003
VAT registration number 02422470274

Via Torino 151a 30172 Mestre – Venezia
Eng. Gianpietro Marchiori, Presidente e CEO

Social Capital euro 100.000
CCIAA VE 370744
VAT registration number 04159770272

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4.3. The information contained in the Website represent the “state of the art” of astronomy. Nevertheless EIE is not liable for such contents, which represents exclusively EIE’s “point of view” or opinion regarding such contents.
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5. Governing law
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