In 2011 EIE Group founded EIE Cultura, its cultural association, with the intent to actively participate in the city, region and even country life, by supporting and promoting cultural, artistic and scientific events.
We have always believed that company commitment and technology excellence should be translated into a real and active presence into the society. Development and innovation cannot exist without a strong rooting to our own traditions and history.
Cultural events and scientific conferences have always demonstrated how technology enhance the growth, the development and the union of peoples.
EIE Cultura’s core business is since then, the development of projects for the city, its inhabitants and its companies.

The “Explora” project was first launched in 2011 by EIE Cultura. This project purpose consists in the “exploration” of our past, through the rediscovery of well known people, to better characterize our present and reconsider the goals for our future.

We dedicated a cycle of conferences and exhibitions to:
Luigi Broglio - 2011
Giovanni Battista Zampironi - 2012
Gino Allegri - 2013

EIE GROUP organizes conferences and guided visits to the company premises for local Middle and High School students.
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