ALMA - Atacama Large Millimiter Array - Close out Event


Garching, June 14 2016 ALMA Close Out Event At ESO Headquarters in Garching bei Munchen, the AEM… | Continue reading

Gianpietro Marchiori, Presidente di EIE GROUP a Radio24


Gianpietro Marchiori, Presidente di EIE GROUP, racconta ai microfoni di Radio24 come l'industria Italiana si sia… | Continue reading


AMOSTECH 2016 - Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technology Conference


EIE Space Technologies, subsidiary ofEIE GROUP, in partnership with Officina Stellare, will attend the upcoming top… | Continue reading

SPIE 2016 - Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation


EIE GROUP will attend the SPIE - Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, in Edinburgh from June 26 through July… | Continue reading

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