The Engineering services offered by EIE GROUP, although revolving around the Design activity, include a wide range of activities which run before, at the same time and after the intervention activities.
Specifically, this is the case of:
• Preliminary Investigations,
• Environmental Impact Statement (EIS),
• Funding Activities,
• Technical-Economical Feasibility Studies, like Market Analyses, Economical Evaluations, Plant Studies and Management,
• Preliminary, Definitive, Executive or Operational Projects Management;
• PCM (Project & Construction Management) in the broader sense of Project Management, Supervision and Work Site Control Services, as well as Laboratory Investigations and Tests.

EIE GROUP applies this wide range of services to many different economical sectors, like:
• Environmental and Geomatic Engineering ( soil conservation, hydro-resources, urban development planning);
• Hydro-Engineering (hydro researches, reclaims, forestations, irrigations, dams);
• Agriculture and rural areas development;
• Civil Engineering (public and private buildings, parkings, transports, infrastructures);
• Industrial and Process Engineering (in particular in the oil, petrolchemical, iron and steel, mechanic, manufacturing sectors);
• Productiona and distribution of Energy
• Environment, water treatment ( desalinization, depuration) and solid, industrial and civil wastes.

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