It was on September 1991, upon the signature of the contract for the Design, Manufacture and Erection in Chile of the four Telescope Structures of the Very Large Telescope (VLT), that we coined the pay off we still have today and which has led us through many battles: “The Power of Creativity”.
We had been working on ESO VLT Project, the most innovative big telescope in the world, for some years.
We were awarded that contract because we had defeated big European competitors, proposing different, quite pioneering solutions.
We obtained the contract because we had been able to convince two industrial groups, such as Ansaldo Componenti and Soimi (Gruppo ABB), to follow us into an adventure which exceeded not just our knowledge , but our real capacities.
We were well aware though, that our peculiarities couldn’t be offered by the big industrial groups of the time.
We had a special talent for churning original ideas out, defining and matching our experience with our knowledge. Plus, we were skilled in making analysis and synthesis. In other words, during the years of study and work that made up our education, we developed the most “subversive” factor that makes a man an entrepreneur: the creativity.
This was the smart move which took us to the celebration of our first 25 years anniversary. Creativity does not depend on genetics, it is rather an ability that can be learned.
Nietzsche used to say that “All great artists and thinkers are great workers”. And Milton Glaser - one of the greatest designers and illustrators of our times - has the following sentence carved on his office-door: “Art is work”.
Besides being the result of a constant and rigorous activity, the creative process calls in one’s capacity to keep the horizons wide widen showing a creative and constructive behavior. Our technicians and engineers know it very well: in EIE we design unbelievably performing telescopes and observatories which operate in extremely harsh environments… yet the goal is another one:
managing the entire process, from the manufacturing, to the transport and the assembly of a perfectly working machine, on the top of some lost mountain, out in the desert.
These are the dynamics EIE built itself. The major capability of innovating belongs to those who are capable to pursue experiences and knowledge beyond our own comfort bubble.
EIE people know that creativity means responsibility, awareness and coherence. Creativity is a serious affair and applies for a certain rigor.
Being creative also implies a constant renovation. And in fact, EIE has restructured itself, forging suitable company processes for the new needs of the markets and their renovated financial challenges.
The renovation has brought forth three operative entities: EIE GROUP, which is focused in Management & Contracting; EIE, celebrating 25 years of Engineering & Design; and the soon-to-be-born EIE Fabrĭca, dedicated to Production & Services.
We also covet an old passion: EIE Design, the art of beauty wisely applied to high-technology.