EIE Space Technologies is the subsidiary of EIE GROUP dedicated to aerospace. Among our major clients we can list TAS-I, Leonardo, Media Lario Technologies.

We provide a wide range of services and engineering solutions for the aerospace industry, including design and realization of complex optical, mechanical and thermal ground support equipment, opto-mechanical system design and prototyping for Solar system exploration and Earth observation.


EIE Space Technologies provides turn-key custom solutions for Mechanical Ground Support Equipment, Optical Ground Support Equipment, Thermal Support Equipment.
We realize measurement systems and provide metrology chain management to assess the compliance of your systems with rigorous acceptance criteria.

Configuration Control Management, Interface Control Management for safe operations on flight hardware, thermal & motion control systems, user friendly, customized and complete interfaces for data acquisition, analysis and management.


We do provide cost-effective and reliable opto-mechanical solutions for engineering models and proto-flight models of optical instruments.
Assessment of the optical design, mechanical design, elegant breadboard design and realization, technology qualification in laboratory environment, system testing in representative environmental conditions.


We provide a wide range of engineering services for the development of a comprehensive and detailed physical model of the system under study, including optical design, mechanical design, structural analysis, thermal modeling, control system design and modeling, numerical simulation of physical processes.

The design and realization of complex systems is performed by implementing QA/PA policies for Configuration Management, Interface Management, FMECA/RAM analysis, Processes and Part lists, according to the most updated space standards.
Every system and component of our production, either ground equipment or prototype hardware, is supplied with an extensive and complete set of Use and Maintenance manuals as well as compliance certificates.