EIE Space Technologies

Venice, 24 March 2016
EIE GROUP has recently completed the acquisition of the company Space Technologies Srl, which now assumes the brand name EIE Space Technologies Srl. With this operation, EIE GROUP aims at expanding its activities to the Space domain by developing and integrating the already existing expertise into EIE Space Technologies, covering all the aspects concerning the development of complex ground support equipment, from opto-mechanical configuration to control system (thermal, electric, mechanical), to the realization of complex user interfaces for the acquisition, analysis and management of the data obtained during test sessions.

EIE Space Technologies Srl has been on the aerospace field for several years, developing various projects both for private companies and for research institutes and governmental institutions, through three main service offers.

Development of equipment for space programs (Ground Support Equipment)

Among EIE Space Technologies main projects we feature the design of many optical ground support equipment for relevant space programs like Bepi Colombo (customers CISAS - Università di Padova and Leonardo-Finmeccanica) and Solar Orbiter (customer Thales Alenia Space). It is important to point out the significant experience the company has matured in the management of complex metrology chains finalized to give to the Client custom-made tools responding to the acceptance requirements set by the final Customers.
The ongoing investments, mostly dedicated to the improvement of the existing equipment, with particular reference to the realization of clean areas, will enable the company to develop systems requiring stringent cleanliness conditions. .

ESA/ASI/NASA Bidding capabilities

EIE Space Technologies can be easily referenced as a trustworthy partner when involved in the participation to bids announced by the main aerospace agencies. We rely on the necessary know-how to professionally face the Bidding Technical and Commercial documents required as well as the expertise to develop the activities requested according to the sector quality standards, with particular reference to ECSS normative and ISO 10110 Standard for the design of optical devices. Moreover, we count on a consistent network of optical, electrical and mechanical parts suppliers, specialists in the realization of Space qualified components.

Prototype development and new concept ideas

Innovation is at the core of our business so as the search for new solutions that we make using, where possible, creativity. The aerospace domain is either conservative, for the high reliability demanded to the devices intended to operate in extreme conditions with almost inexistent human intervention possibilities, and hotbed for new solutions, due to the constant enhancement demanded to measurement tools to improve the quality of the obtained data.
For the above mentioned reasons, creativity becomes a necessary “tool” to turn ideas into valid innovative, reliable realizations
Recent ideas developed at EIE Space Technologies are the hyperspectral stereo camera intended for aerospace and airborne (UAV) use. The instrument (optical design by EIE Space Technologies Srl, patent pending) has been proposed for funding under H2020 Call Space Compet-5 within a team including INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padua (prime), DEI-University of Padua, DLR, TU-Berlin and UCL. Other optical configurations for this instrument are under definition at our premises, other than the evaluation of a possible application from UAV.