2005-2015 ALMA, when Technology becomes Science

Garching, June 14 2016
ALMA Close Out Event
At ESO Headquarters in Garching bei Munchen, the AEM Consortium (constituted by Thales Alenia Space, MT-M Mechatronics and EIE GROUP), celebrated the Close out of the ALMA Project, which was delivered to the Science later in 2015.
Mr. Marchiori - EIE GROUP President: It has been an incredible adventure taking part to the realization of ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, the largest Radio-Astronomy Project in the world, one of the world’s most ambitious and demanding projects.
We faced enormous risks, living very difficult moments, I woudl say “border line ones” sometimes...
It’s when we learned to give our best pushing the antennas performances to the limits, beyond limits…

A complex and articulated mixture of personal ambitions and engineering challenges, where every single detail was studied til the exasperation. It is the result of a global endeavor between Europe, United States and Japan: it represents the world’s most modern telescope designed to investigate the cold Universe at submillimetre and millimetre wavelengths.

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Download the AEM presentation during the Ceremony:
The video realized during the event, will soon be uploaded into our utube channel.

photo credits:
T.Marchiori/EIE GROUP