We have focused EIE’s core business in the fields of Astronomy, Astrophysics and the Big Science, designing and developing the biggest Telescopes and Domes, Radio-Telescopes and Astronomical Observatories around the world.

We work with scientists, technology providers, engineers and industries whose requirements are the most diverse, complex and highly specific.

EIE faces the markets indifferently as Main Contractor or as Partner in International Consortia, according to the project and its development requirements.
EIE’s niche design, technical and managerial skills equips us to provide comprehensive services to meet our customer expectations, whatever the context we are asked to find a solution for.

In the years we have realized multiple projects for international astronomical organizations like the European ESO (European Southern Observatory), or the Italian INAF - National Institute for Astrophysics, the French INSU -Institute des Sciences de l’Univers, or the American LBT Corporation and the University of Tokyo to cite a few examples.
Our expertise extends from Project Management to Engineering & Design, to Manufacturing, Pre-Assembly, Testing and Erection on site.
Whether it be Observative Instrumentation, Dome and Enclosures or Equipment, our goal is to deliver efficient and dynamic solutions, meeting the client's expectations.
We propose streamline operations and we deliver major projects that meet the demands, as we did for the ALMA - Atacama Large Millimeter Array project, the LBT and the 4 VLT Telescopes and as we are doing now, for the Turkish telescope DAG, for wich we are designing and fabricating Telescope and Dome, or the LSST - Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, now undergoing manufacturing and erection on site phase.

Through EIE Space Technologies the subsidiary of EIE GROUP dedicated to aerospace we provide a wide range of services and engineering solutions for the aerospace industry, including design and realization of complex optical, mechanical and thermal ground support equipment, opto-mechanical system design and prototyping for Solar System exploration and Earth observation.

We also draw on EIE’s solid know how to develop Green Energy and Civil Engineering projects. For the Middle East market specifically, EIE is working on cost-effective, sustainable CSP - Concentrated Solar Power plants as well as on small-scale smart-greeds, for the production of energy power and sea-water desalinization. A new challenge, not only on the technology side, which aims at responding to diverse growth demands of the emerging markets.