Power Supply Plant and Water Solutions for Observatory Facilities - CSP

Data: 2014 - preliminary studies are on-going

Categoria: green-energy

Concentrated Solar Power - CSP and Desalination

Seawater covers 97% of global water and only 0,3% is available for human needs directly. The demand for potable water is increasing dramatically as drought areas increase all over the world.

The Sea: it can be an endless resource to humankind if we treat it properly.
The potentiality of solar desalination is directly and strictly connected to the arid zones. High solar radiation and hot dry environment can increase the efficiency of thermal desalination processes. In desert conditions, CSP plants are properly combined with desalination technologies. Thus, they can reach full capacity up to 8000 hours per year and increase their efficiency of about 15% in the desalination plants. This confirms the possibility to apply the concept of solar power and fresh water in the desert areas.

The current CSP technologies suffer from low efficiency and are not suitable for the high energy demand from desalination plants . Our solution lowers the costs significantly, putting together electric energy and pure water from seawater. From the CSP cooling system, we are able to purify seawater without the use of chemicals or membranes.

Recently, the development of new techniques for desalination providing drinkable water at lower costs, has helped to face some of these problems, whereas a branch of desalination studies handles an “environmental friendly” approach, as WEST is.

The Arab Countries are increasing the desalination capacity with a trend respectively, going from 3 to 5 billions m3/year, with the highest growing trend between the year 2000 and the year 2012.

93% of drinkable water in Kuwait comes from desalination plants, consuming up to 10% of the Country oil production.