Power Supply Plant and Water Solutions for Observatory Facilities - CSP

Data: 2014 - preliminary studies are on-going

Categoria: green-energy

Concentrated Solar Power - CSP and the Desert

Nearly 100% of the Astronomical Sites has no access to grid electricity and water source, but has a lot of sun at disposal.
A solar power plant solution, such as CSP technology, offers an affordable way to take advantage of this free energy source by converting it into electrical power. But the actual CSP technology is just too expensive and very little competitive.
Water Energy Solar Technology (WEST) combines a new high efficiency CSP system with the water depuration.
The high efficiency of this CSP plant is due to innovations and advanced technologies applied to its three key subsystems that are the solar field - SF, the heat thermal fluid - HTF and the thermal energy storage -TES.
To further increase the potentiality of this plant, part of the waste heat will be used to produce still water thanks to solar radiation. It is a systems based on the application of the solar still technologies, increasing the efficiency with in-depth study of the thermodynamic processes and a series of techniques which improve the performances of the whole system. This application aims both to water purification: marine and/or polluted. All this above is WEST.

Industrial research and experimental development processes are in progress. They will bring to a final plant able to produce unlimited electrical power at costs as competitive as those for the fossil power plants, with a plus given by the contemporaneous production of still water. And this all by the sole solar energy.
The resulting plant will overcome any other present technology available on the market today!
This solution is particularly interesting for Astronomical sites where energy is an everyday need (night and day) and clean water is a constant problem.

CSP and the DESERT
The global technical potential of concentrating solar power is considerably larger than the present world electricity consumption!

The SUN: a Renewable Resource way better than the Black Gold.
This immense renewable energy resource (solar irradiation) is mainly concentrated in the Earth's desert zones. Under desert conditions, CSP plants with large solar fields and thermal energy storage are capable of producing base load electricity at full capacity for up to 8000 hours per year.
It confirms the possibility of applying the concept of solar power exports/imports to be applicable to many regions of the World. Solar power import corridors from arid desert regions to large centers of demand.

The current CSP technologies suffer from issues related to their low efficiency, particularly at high temperatures, which make costs too high. The solution we propose, can help lowering the costs significantly.
VERY SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS IN SOME BASIC PARAMETERS of Concentrated Solar Power, makes this innovative CSP a direct competitor IN COSTS with non-renewable power production.
A technology which improves efficiency and reduces management operations and maintenance.

This innovative CSP is characterized by a new solar salt mixture, an advanced absorber tube, an advanced Thermal Storage and an innovative solar Field.

The solution advantages:
• The Innovative CSP becomes a leader in the solar technologies for the high power plants ;
• Continuous production of electric power thanks to the Storage;
• Thermal issues reduced to the minimum;
• 30% cost reduction and best efficiency .

WEST will treat sea water without the use of any chemical compound. Through the evaporation and condensation cycle, it is possible to obtain pure water with little maintenance. This will increase the efficiency of the treatment up to 56% compared to the present 40%.

• Thermo-dynamic and fluid dynamic models;
• Recovery Energy Processes;
• Water Spray Effect;
• Lower maintenance and marerial costs.