SRT - Sardinia Radio Telescope

Site: San Basilio - Cagliari - Italia
State: on going activities
Functional refurbishment of the active surface (SSA), of the Sardinia Radio Telescope primary mirror

Data: November 2016

Cliente: INAF - OAC - Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari

Categoria: radio-astronomy

Credits: INAF - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica

General Overview:
The Sardinia Radio Telescope is a major Radio Astronomical facility almost ready for outstanding scientific observations.
The ATI made by Vitrociset Spa, Icom Srl and EIE GROUP, has recently been awarded the contract for the “Functional refurbishment of the active surface (SSA), of the Sardinia Radio Telescope primary mirror”.

The manufacturing of the SRT mechanical parts and their assembly on-site was commissioned in 2003 to the German MTM®. The final tests and acceptance of the instrument were performed in 2012.
Simultaneously the technical and scientific commissioning phases managed by INAF staff started with the aim to transform a powerful technological instrument into a real radio astronomical facility. In the meantime the astronomical validation team could partially access the telescope for targeted observations.

Once refurbished the active surface, composed by more than 1100 actuators, will adjust the profile of the primary mirror to recover the ideal shape from gravitational, thermal and, possibly, wind effects.

The Sardinia Radio Telescope (64 meters in diameter and about 70 meters high), represents a flexible instrument for Radio Astronomy, Geodynamical studies and Space science; either in single dish or VLBI mode.
SRT combines one of the largest steerable collecting area all over the world with state-of-the-art technology to enable high efficiency up to the 3-mm frequency band.
The optical system is based on a quasi-Gregorian dish antenna with mirrors shaped to minimize the standing wave bouncing between the two reflectors. Three additional mirrors, combined in a Beam Wave Guide (BWG) configuration, increase the number of focal positions.