SPIE 2016 - Edinburgh 26 June/1 July

EIE GROUP will attend the SPIE - Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, in Edinburgh from June 26 through July 1, at the Edinburgh International Conference Center** premises.

The Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Expo is a benchmarking event for developers of ground and space-based telescopes and scientific instrumentation. It represents the leading and most prestigious event in the field of engineering applied to Astrophysics and Astronomy, supporting the most advanced technologies and latest scientific instrumentation studies for the observation of the Universe.".

SPIE means technical insight and networking time with scientists and engineers. A symposium which features a wide range of high level scientific and technical studies and researches about new technologies and techniques for the facilities of the future.

This year, EIE GROUP will welcome you at the Edinburgh International Conference Center ,Booth #509 and will give you a detailed insight of the most ambitious astronomical project ever realized in history: the E-ELT, European Extremely Large Telescope, wich will have a primary mirror of 39m diameter.
Read more about the project HERE
We will also introduce you to the group latest acquisition: EIE SPACE TECHNOLOGIES which will be involved in the design and development of opto-mechanical systems for Space explorations and Earth observations.
Furthermore this year, we can rely on a new partnership and will be co-exhibiting with a team from Officina Stellare.
Officina Stellare has a proven background in the design and manufacturing of small and medium size opto-mechanical instrumentation for professional applications.

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